Repetto Christmas 2014 Collection

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For Christmas, Maison Repetto invites us to enter the magic universe of the famous Nutcracker, choreographed by Tchaikovsky.

It’s a cosy Christmas Eve, all the guests are gathered around the Christmas tree. Clara receives a Nutcracker from his uncle. At night, she dreams that it comes to life and turns into Prince. Traveling through a forest covered with a mantle of sparkling snow, she attends the swirling snowflakes. Upon awakening, it all disappeared.

In the core of this enchanting world, Maison Repetto reveals its know-how: a refined ready-to-wear line, smart leather goods, elegant and glittering shoes.


The outfits of this collection are an invitation to dream: leotards, tutus, pointe shoes, leather bags and shoes coated with the colors of Christmas: gold, aluminium, lurex and tones of black.

In this magical scenario, Repetto imagines an elegant Clara, wearing a tutu skirt, a perforated top that emphasizes her femininity and a graceful pair of multi-buckles sandals that punctuates her pace. The guests wear elegant black dresses or tutu skirts paired with a beautiful pair of shoes and leather bags.

Clara dreams that she is a dancer in her shiny tutu and her lurex pointe shoes.

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