Made with love

You know what we admire most? Creative individuals who stop dreaming, listen to their hearts and make the first big jump in creating something new they love. The Editor loves these forward fashionable brands and you don’t need us to tell you why.

Deeper Than

Deeper Than Fashion is the brainchild of Harmini Asokumar, and features in her words, “wearable art that’s mermaid-approved & 100% rainbow magic.” Love! The standout pieces from her label include handmade custom dreamcatchers weaved with eye-catching colours; handmade jewelry and bohemiam inspired jewelry.


What’s essential in every Malaysian household are pestle and mortar, used for crushing and grinding ingredients for cooking. But did you know it’s also the name for local brand Pestle & Mortar? From t-shirts printed with Malaysian prints to flannels, oxfords, snapbacks and accessories, founders Hugh Koh, Alfred and Arnold have managed to infuse the local culture within their clothing line that is unique on its own.


Founded by best friends Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee in 2009, the idea of making custom headbands bloomed after watching a Lady Gaga concert together. Soon after, their colourful headbands Sereni & Shentel were seen on hit TV shows ‘Gossip Girl’ as well as ‘Desperate Housewives’ We love girl power!

Happy BUnch

Who says only girls can receive flowers? Happy Bunch aims to make the idea of gifting flowers not just for special occasions, but also to share joyous moments of receiving, what else, pretty flowers! We love the simple touch, wrapped with lots of care and thought in the bunch – so much so girls have been gifting them to guy friends because, who needs a reason so?