The Anti-New Year celebrations

Sunrise Batur

The Editor’s view of Bali’s sunrise, overlooking Mount Abang, from Mount Batur.

For some New Years, I remembered celebrating with close friends watching fireworks, or sipping alco at some rooftop bar, just doing the countdown. And some, in my later years, I was home, working on the website (I was managing an online portal), and because we work on a roster schedule, I’ve always given my subordinates time-off while I manned the site. I didn’t mind it all; as I become less and less the celebratory kind, preferring to laze at home with a good movie, with my furkids and then partner.

Nearing the end of 2015, I find myself neither working, nor with a partner and I had already returned home the earlier week to see my family and friends for Christmas. So I decided to pack my bags and signed myself up for a trekking excursion to Mount Batur in Bali, a volcano popular with tourists. It was a solo trekking trip and I thought to myself, I needed time away from the glitzy fireworks (only moments temporary) but to enrich myself with an experience I’d always remember; through the sore muscle aches and photos later.

I was empowered.

And it was not difficult at all to do if you put your mind to it.

So to 2016, my takeaway to you, readers, is to love yourself; fuel your mind with creative processes and dreams. Pick up a sewing course, make your own jewelry, learn to do things on your own and you’ll realise you are okay to be alone, independent and fiery.

❤ The Editor