Hutspot, Amsterdam: Cult fashion labels, barber shop, bar and a cafe all in one!


When travelling, I often seek out local finds, whether food, clothing or haunts, name me the place and I’ll be there! So on a whim, after booking my trip to London, I decided to also fly into Amsterdam, Netherlands as it was about an hour away by flight, and I figured, why not?

It was a relatively smooth trip into the serene city, and after checking in my Airbnb, I scoured through the former working-class, now hip neighbourhood of De Pjip. There, a must-visit is Hutspot, a collective brands department store, housed in a 800 square meter building, that’s near the Albert Cuyp market.


At first glance, the building is visible from the outside, with brand placements signalling a bar on the right, and when you walk in you’ll be able to view a cafe on the first floor, and a barber shop on the far left. The place is airy, with plenty of space to walk and discover products curated there, from brands like:

  • Mimi et Toi
  • Crispsheets
  • 1213 Kumbayastreet
  • Happy Socks
  • Seletti
  • Essyello jewelry


I happily chose a black lacy dress from local brand Things I like Things I Love, which I mentally laid out how I’ll be accessorising it at the top of my head, with a nude slip from Marks & Spencer. Love!

So if you’re in town, do check out Hutspot, and spend some time sipping coffee at their laid-back cafe and watch the world go by.

Address: Van Woustraat 4, 1073LL Amsterdam