2017 New Year’s resolutions -do whatever you want

I’ve never been an avid fan of resolutions – I normally make them, then break them the next day – so when I recently chuckled at chef Anthony Bourdain’s cynical resolutions, I knew I had to say something about this topic.

It started pretty skittish, like, stop biting my nails, finish that book (yay I’ve self-published one so far!) and then, my interest weaned off.

But I feel it’s not just resolutions we need to think about: it’s the promises we tell ourselves to keep; kindness and help we offer to others without expecting anything in return, and more.

Resolutions are a definite do, or don’t do, which most of us disregard almost immediately, but if we dive deep into ourselves, and ask, ‘have you done something proud last year that you’d like to share?’, I’d say I’ve traveled adventurously, I’ve loved fiercely, I’ve taken charge, I’ve offered kindness to strangers and animals. I think we all need to go back to the basic instincts and goodwill of what makes us human in the first place (re: empathy, compassion), and then work upwards from there.

So, without exactly telling anyone they were resolutions, I signed up with a gym that’s 30 minutes away because I’ve decided in order to conquer Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia’s highest mountain, I needed to be prepared for it. I needed the stamina and strength. And it feels good doing 30 seconds circuit training in three sets within 30 minutes in an altitude studio. I am working towards a goal, and not blindly following where the path leads me.

Sure, as spontaneous as I am and can be, sometimes we all need to be prepared at times. So 2017, I will make as many travel plans as I can, I will still love fiercely (with my head calling out the alarm signs, if any), and I will continue my passion for writing (my working memoir, blog more, etc.!) and spread love and light.

I’ll leave you with a poem, I could say, one of my greatest loves has ever shared with me.