Review: ‘La La Land’- you really can’t have it all!

I recently went to watch ‘La La Land’ a romantic comedy/ musical at the movies recently and was sniffling my way the last hour of the show, until the credits roll. Then I went on to read some online reviews, and one I shall not contribute page views to, had a writer tearing the film apart saying how much Ryan Gosling’s character Sebastian had stole the movie’s thunder, leaving Emma Stone’s character Mia, left to fend for her self because of poor character development, and only having to use her facial expression to helm her part. Well, isn’t flexing facial expressions a true working testament to an actor’s or actresses’ talents, too? Oh and the lack of gay stereotypes? Yes, he/she used the word ‘stereotype’ after that.

Even with the lack of ‘words’, Emma’s doe-eyed expression entering the club as Seb played the piano, to the scene when she bursts out crying, then having to stop short as her audition screen time was cut short; proved what a versatile actress she is.

I also don’t think director Chazelle made this film to show how much a ‘white’ guy needed to save jazz – it’s essentially a love story centered around the dreams of two individuals who are living out their realities and dreams, so naysayers and keyboard warriors, let’s all just kick back and enjoy the film.

And how could you not love the typography? The matte photography that made the film looked like it was paying a tribute to movies set in the 40s and 50s in all its Technicolour dreamland? Oh, and the soundtrack! Hurwitz is commendable as well for that grandeur OST, with simple keys on ‘City of Stars’ to the orchestra for the background music.

Both Ryan and Emma (lovely onscreen coupling ever, as seen in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ and ‘Gangster Squad’) tackled dancing and singing almost down to a perfect T. I wanted to join in the fun, soak in the cinematography and burst out into a ‘City of Stars’ sing-a-long. And as I play the audience watching how the story unfolds to the end, with one of my girlfriends saying, how dreams surpass ‘the one’, I thought it long the night itself, and realise, perhaps they both were at different timings in life, where they needed to grow first, before being with a partner who could nurture him/her and be a team player, together. Their tangents were so different… which is so real, so broken. Fuck, you really can’t have it all.

Congrats to ‘La La Land’ for sweeping 7 awards at the Golden Globes!