The Warehouse Hotel, Singapore: Once an ol’ school disco club


Credit: The Warehouse Hotel

Walking down the path along the river on Robertson Quay, gives me fuzzy feelings because I draw energy out of water. There’s something romantic about the seas, rivers, lakes, waterfalls that makes me feel nostalgia – perhaps I was a sea baby once.


Credit: The Editor’s Picks

I digress. So when my friend and I took a stroll along the river, he insisted I make my way to Warehouse Hotel for a drink before their official opening (back in January). And boy, did I not regret it. It was a beautiful restored warehouse once used for trading; a disco club where Saturday night moves were shuffled; and today, a hotel, where a couple of travelers rest their weary feet and minds at Po Restaurant, and at the bar, with cocktails.


Credit: The Editor’s Picks

I’ve not the luxury of staying a night at this place, but just spending time at the sleek modern bar saying my ‘hellos’ to the staff and even the owner of the Lo & Behold group, who was on ground that night.


Credit: The Editor’s Picks

What I like is when you enter the hotel, you’re greeted with steel bicycle wheels hanging from the vast ceilings, and concrete floors that give you that spacious, minimalist feeling. The bar’s interior is just a simple shelf showing off your favourite poison, with black marbled top and rotated high chairs (which I’d fall off from).


Credit: The Editor’s Picks

If you haven’t suss out this gorgeous building, I’d highly recommend it. Order a spicy cocktail from the bar (mine was ‘Barbarella’), kick back with your friends and chat the night away.

Where: The Warehouse Hotel, 320 Havelock Road, Singapore

Tel: +656828000