H&M just launched its online store — but they still have bugs to deal with

Everybody loves a good deal online, and seamless shopping experience, whether on an app, or website, but fashion label H&M needs to tidy up their e-commerce store to not irate consumers off. The Asia store quietly launch on 12 May (for Singapore), and three days later, there are still some visible bugs.

At first glance, the 30% deal on the banner remains attractive, but upon clicking on it, you’ll be led to an error page: ‘Page Not Found’.

And to entice consumers to spend, you’re entitled to a 25% discount off one item. As my friend Omar pointed out while shopping in Malaysia, in terms of marketing spent, this isn’t very wise as well, as the brand isn’t slapping 25% discount at the end of your total checkout bag. With more than one email addresses, you could actually sign up multiple times to collect that 25% discount to spend on one item, so you’re raking in more savings! Blunder? We definitely think so.

Plus, by shipping out one item after another from the warehouse, you’re encouraging higher carbon footprint!

Once you start shopping through their pages, some of the discounts do no apply at the end of the checkout (as per screenshots today):

We love you H&M, but you’re probably drunk right now, go home and please get fixed asap!